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A high-performance synthetic paper for demanding applications

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Uniquely Microporous_img

Differentiating technology

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Ruggedly Durable_img

Stands up to tough environments

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Amazingly Printable_img

Prints as easily as paper

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Long-lasting adhesion

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Inherently Secure_img

Tamper-resistant /

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TESLIN® Substrate
Durable synthetic paper that offers easy, high-quality printability, strong adhesion and tamper-evident security
Durable synthetic paper
Uniquely Microporous
Microporosity differentiates Teslin substrate from other synthetics, enabling its built-in performance features
Differentiating technology
Ruggedly Durable
Resists water, chemicals, abrasion, tearing and extreme temperatures for exceptional durability
Stands up to tough environment
Amazingly Printable
Prints as easily as paper and, unlike other synthetic substrates, does not melt in laser printers or require special inks
Prints as easily as paper
Highly Bondable
Absorbs inks, toners, laminates, adhesives and other substrates to form virtually indestructible mechanical bonds
Long-lasting adhesion
Inherently Secure
Tamper-resistant material locks in laminates, inks and toners to secure print information and provide tamper-evident protection

How is Teslin substrate used?

From product labels to identification cards, Teslin substrate is ideal for applications that demand a tough, high-performance material.

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Why is Teslin substrate used?

Teslin substrate features an exclusive combination of performance benefits that are not available from any other synthetic substrate. 

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Ready to get started?

Do you need a sample of Teslin substrate or to find out which grade is best for your application?  Maybe you have a question or need a quote.  If so, click here to get your project started. 

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Featured Product:

TESLIN® Security-Grade Substrate

Teslin Security-Grade substrate supplements the performance benefits of standard Teslin substrate by incorporating embedded and customized security features, which enables the creation of secure credentials that are easy to authenticate and difficult to counterfeit.

Secure Processing and Performance Benefits

Teslin Security-Grade substrate combines several barriers that make it unique among synthetic substrates. In addition to being single-source manufactured by PPG Industries, which hinders acquisition of the material through unsecured sources, Teslin Security-Grade substrate is:

  • Easily combined with other materials to produce multi-layered credentials.
  • Embedded with customized security features during manufacture.
  • Easy to authenticate through visually distinguishable extruded features.
  • Formulated for exclusive, program-specific application by individual security organizations.