How to Choose the Right Durable Label Paper: A Comparison Guide of Synthetic Label Stock Performance Features

Maybe your product label needs to be waterproof, or you need a label stock that is scuff resistant and stands up to excessive handling. Either way, you’ve decided to go with a durable synthetic label stock, but your decision doesn’t end there. You have many label paper choices, including polyester (PET), vinyl (PVC), polypropylene and PPG TESLIN® label stock.

On the surface, these synthetic label papers may appear the same. They all offer durability and can be used for a variety of applications.

But you should know that all labels are not created equal.

The following graphic illustrates the many performance variations in printability, durability, security and other characteristics that play an important role in choosing a long-lasting, high-quality label.


How to Choose the Right Synthetic Label Stock

How to Choose the Right
Synthetic Label Stock

Popular Choices

TESLIN® label stock
Polyester (PET)
Vinyl (PVC)


All synthetic labels are:



Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Tear Resistant

Tear Resistant


The TESLIN Substrate Difference


A microporous polyolefin-silica matrix gives Teslin substrate its inherently differentiating benefits.

Magnified Paper
Teslin Label Stock Printer
Other Synthetic Label Stocks



Print Processes

Compatible with a wide range of print processes:

  • - Offset & Flexo
  • - Laser
  • - Thermal Transfer
  • - Inkjet
Limited Compatibility

Limited Compatibility
Vinyl (PVC), polyester (PET) and polypropylene are not compatible with all print technologies.



No Coating

No coating or corona treatment needed means it's digital print ready right out of the box.

Needs Coating

Needs coating or special treatment to print on laser or inkjet printers.


Laser Printing

Takes the heat

Takes the heat
of laser printing.

Melting Substrate

Laser printing may cause substrate to melt.



Abrasion Resistance

Microporous surface

Microporous surface
absorbs inks and toners, locking them into its surface.

Nearly impervious

Nearly impervious to
abrasion and scuffing.

Non-porous surface

Non-porous surface
Inks and toners sit on top of the substrate.


Abrasion removes inks, toners and coating.


GHS and BS 5609

Print is resistant

Print is resistant to damage from water and chemicals.

Built-in durability

Built-in durability
to be BS 5609 certified.

Print is susceptible

Print is susceptible
to damage from water and chemicals without special coating.

Dependent on coating

Dependent on coating
to meet BS 5609 certification.


Temperature Resistance


Withstands extreme temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or adhesive failure.

-30°F (-34°C)
to 250°F (121°C)


Vulnerable to extreme temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles.

Static Dissipative

Static Dissipative

Digital Print Safety

Micropores reduce static charge

Micropores reduce static charge sometimes caused by peeling digitally printed labels.

Passes ESD S.541 @ 30% relative humidity.


A static-free operation is safer for operators and applicators.

Static builds up

Static builds up and peeling labels can release dangerous sparks.

Cause fire

Static sparks can cause fire or injure operators.




Multi-dimensional bonds

Micropores enable multi-dimensional bonds that adhere strongly to the surface.

Long-lasting adhesion

Long-lasting adhesion
endures extreme conditions.

Coating does not bond

Coating does not bond
strongly with surfaces.

Adhesive failure

Adhesive failure can occur in steam, water and other harsh environments.




Conforms to many different shapes, including blood bags.


Some applications may experience peeling.



Tamper Evidence

Permanently distort

Attempt to break the bond, and Teslin substrate will permanently distort.

On-demand printing

Enables use of on-demand printing to create a security label.

Requires professional printing

Requires professional printing and converting to ensure tamper evidence.


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