Water-, Abrasion-, and Chemical-Resistant Labels That Support GHS Compliance

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Achieve your compliance goals with a durable, chemical-resistant GHS label that guards against the damaging effects of water and abrasion to protect the critical printed data on your chemical products.

Teslin GHS Labels are:

  • Secure and Durable
    In accordance with GHS regulations, chemical drum and container labels must remain legible so that the important chemical information can be communicated. With Teslin GHS labels, your printed data is protected from scrapes, scuffs and other damage. See how Teslin substrate outperforms other synthetic substrates in comparison tests.
  • Water, Abrasion and Chemical Resistant
    Teslin GHS labels pass British Maritime Standards (BS 5609) certification Sections 2 and 3. Considered the most stringent test for durability in the industry, BS 5609-certified Teslin GHS labels are able to withstand a three-month saltwater submersion test.
  • Versatile and Easy to Print
    Teslin GHS labels can be printed with offset and flexography technologies, as well as on-demand with digital laser, inkjet and thermal transfer technologies. They absorb inks and toners, making printed data impervious to scrapes and scuffs—vinyl, polyester and other synthetics cannot match the performance of Teslin label stock.
  • Static Dissipative
    Unlike some synthetic labels, Teslin GHS labels are static dissipative to 50% relative humidity, reducing the risk of fire from electrical sparks.
GHS label printer sees productivity, cost-savings with PPG TESLIN label stock

GHS label printer sees productivity, cost-savings with PPG TESLIN® label stock

Check out this case study detailing how a GHS label printer was able to double workload without adding employees and saved $120,000 annually by replacing polyester GHS labels with Teslin labelstock.

Other Durable Label Uses

  • Hazard warning labels & signs (e.g., OSHA, HMIS, NFPA, ANSI)
  • Arc flash labels
  • Outdoor, weather-resistant labels
  • Waterproof labels for marine applications
  • Heavy-duty equipment labels
  • Industrial tank and vat labels
  • Other specialty label applications

See how durable and versatile Teslin GHS labels are. It isn't just tough, it's Teslin tough.



Static testing: Vinyl/PVC vs. TESLIN® GHS labels

Durable labels — When your labels have to last, chose PPG TESLIN label stock