secure identification card using PPG TESLIN card substrate for printed data and graphics

When credential security and durability are paramount, TESLIN® substrate…

  • Offers exceptional flexibility while protecting and cushioning embedded electronics
  • Features the ability to be customized with embedded security features
  • Locks in printed graphics and forms virtually indestructible bonds with overlay and card body substrates
  • Delivers tamper-evident protection by permanently distorting if alteration is attempted
  • Prints unparalleled high-definition color images for quick and easy authentication by field agents
  • Works with multiple production processes and materials to reduce program costs 
  • Withstands handling and abuse due to flexibility, durability and chemical resistance
  • Combines with PC, PVC, PET and PET-G to incorporate the best features of each substrate

Used worldwide for nearly two decades in billions of security cards and credentials, Teslin substrate offers a key first line of defense in a variety of security applications, including:

  • 30+ National IDs
  • 50+ e-Passport programs
  • 50+ National drivers’ license programs
  • 50+ Other secure federal government credentials
    • Voter registration cards
    • Birth certificates
    • Social security cards
    • Vehicle registrations

By combining Teslin substrate and other card substrates into composite security cards, document security and durability are significantly enhanced and overall card construction costs can be significantly reduced.

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