A breathable membrane for a variety of innovation applications

Breathable Membranes

From specialty mushroom growing bags and fresh produce labels to air fresheners and energy recovery ventilators and more, PPG TESLIN® substrate is engineered with a microporous structure enabling it to be used as a breathable membrane for a wide range of applications.

Control Moisture and Gas Diffusion

Teslin substrate's high rates of liquid and gas diffusion, including moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), allow moisture and gases to pass through the membrane. By applying specialty coating, Teslin substrate can be customized for gas, moisture and liquid diffusion performance. When used in food packaging, this helps seal in freshness and extend the shelf life of food. It can help other applications where off-gassing or breathability are required to function safely and efficiently.

Durability Meets Flexibility

While Teslin substrate has the strength and rigidity to function as a physical barrier, it's also exceptionally flexible and conforms to rough, uneven or curved surfaces. These benefits, combined with its diffusion properties, help manufacturers meet a variety of demands.

The Singular Solution

Teslin substrate can be used as a breathable membrane solution for a wide range of applications, including: 

  • Specialty mushroom growing bags: the Teslin membrane allows air to enter and gas to exit, while keeping out dangerous contaminants like mold spores.
  • Food packaging: high MVTR helps the exchange of gases to promote freshness and extend the shelf life of fresh produce.
  • Air fresheners/diffuser applications: perfume in air fresheners and other gases can diffuse through Teslin breathable membrane.
  • Energy recovery ventilators: Teslin's high MVTR and hydrophobic silica-coated membrane helps heat exchangers in HVAC systems run more efficiently.

Innovation and Expertise

Backed by 35 years of expertise, PPG experts have worked with companies to develop solutions for their innovative breathable membrances.

If you have a breathable membrane application, contact us to request samples and learn more about the diffusion benefits provided by Teslin substrate.

Benefits Applications
  • Mushroom grow bags
  • Produce packaging
  • Air fresheners/diffusers
  • Energy recovery ventilators
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