TESLIN® Bio Substrate

PPG TESLIN® Bio substrate makes it easier for manufacturers, brand owners and businesses to support the growing demand for environmentally-responsible print and label applications, while maintaining the same durability, printing ease, and built-in security provided by standard-grade PPG Teslin substrate. 
Independently tested to ASTM standard D5511, substantially all of PPG Teslin Bio substrate will ultimately biodegrade into microbe-consumable particles and other naturally occurring substances when placed in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment containing microbes that “eat” polymers. Such conditions are similar to those found in most landfills. Studies have shown up to 7.8% degradation over 74 days with continued break down expected, but it isn’t known if the rate of degradation for the portion of Teslin Bio substrate that will degrade naturally will remain constant over time. 
The product retains the same process and application performance as our standard-grade material, which is especially beneficial to current users because it allows them to transition seamlessly to PPG Teslin Bio substrate from any other product grade.
Other Features and Benefits
Because of its microporous structure, Teslin Bio substrate provides the following performance advantages for print and label applications:
  • Tear-, abrasion- and chemical-resistance
  • Water-, ice- and steam-resistance
  • Thermal stability and temperature-resistance
  • Flexibility and conformability
  • Compatible with a wide range of offset, flexographic, digital and laser printing processes for application of permanent or variable data
  • Excellent color, text and photo reproduction
Built-In Security
  • Absorbs inks and toners so label information is “locked-in” and secured longer than it is on other synthetic papers
  • Offers tamper-evident performance by preventing mechanical separation and permanently distorting when altered
Benefits Typical Applications
  • Labels and packaging requiring durability and security
  • Logistical tracking/track and trace/traceability/supply chain tracking labels
  • Produce tags and direct-contact food labels
  • Instructional information
  • Booklets and manuals
  • High-visibility brand packaging labels

Available Thicknesses
  • 6 mil/145 micron
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 8 mil/203 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron

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