TESLIN® Substrate:  Easy, High-Quality and Versatile Printing

Thanks to its highly absorptive, microporous structure, TESLIN® substrate prints like pulp paper while providing all the performance benefits of a synthetic, making it ideal for print applications that demand high levels of processing flexibility, together with exceptional color, graphic and print reproduction. Compare the performance advantages of Teslin substrate and see why it is like no other synthetic paper stock:

  • Compatible with multiple print technologies – No other printable plastic accommodates as broad a range of print technologies as Teslin substrate. Compatible technologies include offset, flexographic and digital platforms such as laser/electrographic, inkjet and thermal transfer printing. It also functions well with gravure, screen, intaglio, split fountain, micro-printing and more.
  • Requires no special inks or drying equipment – The print characteristics for Teslin substrate are similar to conventional paper, so it does not require special oxidizing inks or drying equipment, as many synthetics do.
  • Dries quickly for easy processing and fast throughput – Inks and toners absorb into Teslin substrate and bond to its microporous structure remarkably fast. In addition to providing brilliant color reproduction and virtually indestructible text and graphics, this permits inks and toners to dry almost instantaneously for quicker processing and throughput than other synthetics.
  • Can be duplex and dual-surface printedTeslin substrate is perfect for variable printing applications because it doesn’t need a special coating or treatment to be duplex- or dual-surface printed with high-quality graphics.
  • Accommodates a variety of converting methods and finishing techniquesTeslin substrate maintains strength and flexibility during finishing processes such as perforating, punching, folding, sewing, grommeting, foil stamping and embossing.