Tamper-evident security labels on for supply chain security applications

Tamper-evident security labels enable manufacturers and retailers to safeguard their brands, increase supply-chain security, combat counterfeiting and ensure the safety and authenticity of their products.

PPG TESLIN® substrate provides an exclusive combination of benefits, creating a secure label stock that is exceptionally durable and inherently tamper-evident.

Performance benefits 

  • Built-in tamper evidence. Without added processing or finishing, Teslin label stock offers built-in security because it permanently distorts, exposing any attempt to alter or destroy it by counterfeiters. It also locks printed data into its surface to secure critical information from the normal wear and tear of shipping and handling.
  • Multi-layer security. Our label stock can be customized with void technology, a process that leaves an image or message beneath a label that has been removed. It also readily supports holograms, microtext, watermarks, RFID tags, 2D bar codes, QR codes and other security features.
  • Program-specific traceability. Teslin label stock can be embedded with security markers that are unique and traceable exclusively to an individual manufacturer or retailer. This added layer of security makes it easier to authenticate products as they migrate through the supply chain and into the marketplace.
  • Print versatility. Supporting a wide range of print technologies, including digital ink jet and laser, Teslin substrate accommodates variable-data printing for brand authentication and serialization.
  • Superior adhesion. Teslin substrate bonds powerfully with all types of adhesives to protect product, warning, track-and-trace, shipping and other types of labels from removal, tampering and counterfeiting.
  • Durability.  In addition to being tamper-evident, Teslin security labels withstand exposure to water, chemicals, temperature extremes and abrasion.

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Recommended Product Grades Thickness
  • 7 mil/178 micron

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