Teslin Label Stock

PPG TESLIN® Label Stock

PPG TESLIN® label stock combines the inherent durability and security of Teslin substrate with high-quality adhesives and liner materials to meet a wide variety of application needs. Available directly from PPG, Teslin label stock can be customized for almost any label application, including security, medical-grade, food and beverage, and other specialty label applications. It also is offered in four standard varieties (General-Purpose Permanent, Ultimate Bond, General-Purpose Removable, BS 5609-Certified for GHS and Pharmaceutical-Grades).

Additional adhesive and liner combinations are available to meet your specific application needs. Liner options can range from a simple 50# liner to a complex custom liner. Adhesives for applications range from ultra-removable to medical-grade and direct food-contact.

Performance Features

Durable label stocks for your toughest applications
Unlike vinyl (PVC), polyester (PET), polypropylene and other label stocks, the unique microporosity of Teslin substrate locks toners into the label stock, rendering printed information impervious to scrapes, scuffs and other damage for reliable and versatile durability. Other durability benefits include:

  • Protection against water, steam, ice and extreme temperature exposure.
  • Resistance to chemicals, solvents, tears and abrasions.
  • Broad thermal stability range; will not crack in a freeze-thaw environment.

Printable and versatile
Teslin label stock is compatible with a wide range of print processes, including inkjet, laser and thermal transfer for on-demand and variable data printing. Other print and versatility benefits include:

  • Print-readiness right out of the package; most synthetics need corona treatment, sapphire or other coating for digital print technologies.
  • Ability to take the heat of digital laser printing applications (most synthetics may actually melt).
  • Static dissipation to reduce potential static discharge when removing label liners (which could potentially ignite chemical and solvent vapors in certain manufacturing environments).
  • Supports all industry standard conversion techniques, including rolls, pin feeds, die cuts, sheets, fan fold and more. 
  • Bubble-free application.

The microporos in Teslin label stock enable multi-dimensional bonds reducing risk of adhesive failure and:

  • Long-lasting adhesive bond that endures extreme conditions.
  • Strong bond with microsphere, low-temperature, high-temperature, food-grade and medical-grade adhesives.

Inherently secure
Offering built-in tear-resistance and durability, Teslin label stock also enhances the security of printed text through its ability to absorb and lock in inks and toners with no additional processing or expense. Security benefits include:

  • Tamper-evidence by permanent distortion if alteration is attempted.
  • Deterrence from peeling and repurposing.
  • The ability to be manufactured with security features embedded in the material for program-specific applications.
GHS label printer sees productivity, cost-savings with PPG TESLIN label stock

GHS label printer sees productivity, cost-savings with PPG TESLIN® label stock

Check out this case study detailing how a GHS label printer was able to double workload without adding employees and saved $120,000 annually by replacing polyester GHS labels with Teslin labelstock.

Standard Teslin Label Stock

Our standard Teslin label stock configurations include:

General-Purpose Permanent
Engineered to be more print and process friendly than competitive general adhesives.
Construction: Teslin SP 700 facestock with TPAT adhesive and your choice of liner
Application temperature: 20°F/-7°C min.
Service temperature: 30°F/-1°C — 250°F/121°C

General-Purpose Removable
Used in applications requiring clean removal from low-energy surfaces.
Construction: Teslin SP700 facestock with TGR adhesive and your choice of liner
Application temperature: 35°F/2°C min.
Service temperature: 20°F/-7°C — 200°F/93°C

BS 5609-Certified, On-Demand Printable for GHS Compliance
Formulated for GHS and heavy-duty industrial labeling when long-term adhesion through extreme environments is critical. BS 5609 certification is required by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code for hazardous goods shipped via ocean freight. BS 5609 Section 2-certified and available for Section 3 certification with your specific printer model.
Construction: Teslin SP700PR facestock with TSP1 adhesive and your choice of liner
Application temperature: 10°F/-12°C min.
Service temperature: -30°F/-34°C — 250°F/121°C

Ultimate Bond
Ideal for industrial and tamper-evident applications requiring high initial tack and ultimate adhesion. Can be used in indirect food contact applications per 21 CFR 175.105.
Construction: Teslin SP700 facestock with TB64 adhesive and your choice of liner
Application temperature: 35°F/2°C min.
Service temperature: 20°F/-7°C — 220°F/104°C

Pharmaceutical-Grade - Low-Energy and Sterilization Applications
Using a tackified acrylic water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to have high adhesion to low-energy surfaces, this pharmaceutical-grade label stock is ideal for secondary blood bag labeling and labels that require sterilization.
Construction: Teslin SP700PR facestock with water-based, latex-free acrylic adhesive (TP60) and your choice of liner
Application temperature: 25°F (5°C) min.
Service temperature: -18° – 135°F (-28° – 57°C)

Pharmaceutical-Grade - Tight Mandrel Applications
Offering a glove-friendly adhesive for laboratory environments, this pharmaceutical-grade label stock and is an exceptional solution for tight diameter uses like syringes and small test tubes. 
Construction: Teslin SP700 facestock with tackified water-based, latex-free acrylic adhesive (TPPB) and your choice of liner
Application temperature: 40°F (4°C)
Service temperature: -30°F – 200°F (-34 – 93°C)

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