Printing and Storage Recommendations for PPG TESLIN® GHS Labels

PPG TESLIN® GHS labels should be printed with digital laser printer technologies. Teslin labels are compatible with most common software templates.
Teslin GHS labels are not recommended for use with ink jet printers.

Do you require BS5609 Section 3 certification?
If so, you must use printers and labels that pass certification. Learn more about BS 5609 section 3 certification and see a list of printers that are certified with Teslin GHS labels.

Pro Print Tips

  • PPG TESLIN GHS Labels are easy to print with digital laser printersTeslin GHS label sheets should be acclimatized to the room environment; best performance is achieved when stored and used in 68 – 74 °F (20 – 23 °C), 50-70% relative humidity environments.
  • Teslin labels should be fanned thoroughly in all directions prior to stacking in the printer tray.
  • Sheets should be fed in small stacks (100 – 200 quantity) at a time to help prevent double feeds.
  • For best results, use the Label or Thick setting for the paper type in your printer configuration.

Storage of Teslin GHS Labels
Teslin GHS labels are sensitive to moisture and unused labels should be repackaged in moisture-protective wrapping. They should be stored away from contact with combustion exhaust fumes or other sources of indoor pollution which can cause discoloration. Teslin GHS labels should be covered at all times to prevent damage or discoloration.

If stored at a maximum temperature of 104 °F (40 °C), protected from ultra violet (UV) light and according to the above recommendations, the shelf life is at least one year from shipment date.

See the lasting benefits of Teslin GHS labels.



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