DMV temporary license plate

TESLIN® Substrate: Durable Synthetic Paper for Temporary License Plates

temporary license plate on Teslin synthetic paper

Temporary license plates face a number of taxing demands during their limited life spans. In addition to surviving moisture and road debris, the base material must be strong and versatile enough to withstand the heat of digital, on-demand desktop printing.

Many motor vehicle departments (DMVs) throughout North America specify PPG TESLIN® substrate for temporary license plates because of its unique ability to meet these challenges. 

Formulated with a microporous polyolefin-silica matrix, Teslin substrate offers car dealers a combination of performance benefits that enable it to stand up to road and weather hazards better than vinyl, polyester and other temporary license plate substrates while also being easier and less expensive to print.

  • Easy to Print, Lower Cost Material
    Teslin substrate prints like pulp paper so it works easily with desktop printers, including inkjet and laser devices. Temporary plates made from polyester and other synthetics need to be pre-treated with a special coating to be compatible with digital printers, increasing the cost of the temporary license plate.
  • Abrasion Resistant
    Teslin substrate protects printed information because micropores lock inks and toners into its surface.  Data printed on non-porous materials such as vinyl and polyester is easily scratched off or altered because inks and toners remain on the surface of the substrate.
  • Water Resistant
    The waterproof polyolefin polymer in Teslin substrate resists, protecting temporary plates from rain, snow, car washes and other wet environments.
  • Tear Resistant
    Temporary plates made with Teslin substrate can be perforated, hole-punched and mounted to vehicles without tearing.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which product grade is best for my temporary license plates?
Your printer dictates which product you should use. Teslin TS (Thermally Stable) substrate is best for laser printers and Teslin IJWP (Inkjet Waterproof) substrate is best for inkjet printers that use dye-based inks.

Where can I purchase Teslin substrate for temporary license plates?
Pre-made temporary license plates are available from many national paper retailers. Complete the following form to find a provider.

Benefits Recommended Product Grades
  • TS
  • IJWP
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron
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