TESLIN® Security-Grade Substrate: An Extruded Security Paper that Helps Combat Counterfeiting

Building on the rugged durability and inherent tamper-resistance and tamper-evidence performance of standard TESLIN® substrate, Teslin Security-Grade substrate is embedded with security features that can make credentials extremely difficult to replicate and reduce per-unit construction costs through simplified processing.

Extruded Features Enhance the Security of Credentials
The most effective way to secure a credential, regardless of material science, is to design it with multiple levels of security features. Most secure credentials are constructed with at least three layers of substrate material, which creates numerous opportunities to incorporate additional security features. With its embedded security markers, Teslin Security-Grade substrate offers two distinct advantages over other synthetic and paper card materials. First, it enhances security at the core level of the credential. Secondly, it gives security organizations the ability to design program-specific documents, cards and labels with secure, distinct and traceable materials that cannot be obtained through public sources.

Extruded Features are Easy to Identify
Teslin Security-Grade substrate incorporates customized covert and/or forensic security features during the manufacturing process to embed extruded security features throughout the material’s structure. Together, they create a uniquely random appearance within the substrate that is visually distinguishable to trained officers. Other security-related benefits of Teslin Security-Grade substrate include:
  • Embedded security features within the polyolefin-silica matrix that protect against access, alteration and tampering
  • Extruded features that are visually distinct from security features that can only be added with a coating or by printing
Secure Supply Chain Makes Teslin Substrate Difficult to Replicate
Teslin Security-Grade substrate is manufactured exclusively at PPG’s plant in Barberton, Ohio, a precaution that is designed specifically to eliminate the threat of counterfeiters gaining access to this made-to-order substrate through unsecured public sources. Other critical supply-chain security measures associated with Teslin Security-Grade substrate include:
  • Sales are only available directly from PPG under security contract
  • All raw materials, fabricated products, waste and trim are fully secured
  • Products are manufactured to customized specifications exclusive to each customer
Customization Offerings
Teslin Security-Grade substrate can be produced in program-specific formulations that facilitate tracking and verification of the material at any point in its service life, from initial manufacture (cradle) through issuance and final destruction or disposal (grave).
  • Covert Security Features - Covert features embedded into Teslin Security-Grade substrate can be verified through quick visual inspection using simple equipment such as ultraviolet (UV) flashlights and infrared (IR) pens. For trained security officers, UV taggants are easily distinguished as production-embedded security features because they generate a unique optical “fingerprint,” and because they are easily discernable on the edge of a card. IR taggants offers multiple colors and options that can be tailored to specific security programs to provide additional authentication options with enhanced readers. Embedded UV and IR security markers cannot be replicated by print processes.
  Feature Function Detection Options
Ultra-Violet (UV)
  • Visible Fluorescence
  • Visible Phosphorescence
  • UV Light Source
  • Multiple colors and color combination
  • Level of dispersion/load level
Infra-Red (IR)
  • Visible
  • Up-converting
  • IR Laser pen
  • Audible IR detector
  • Customized readers
  • Multiple colors and color combination
  • Level of dispersion
Infra-Red (IR)
  • IR to IR (Non- Visible Response)
  • Audible IR detector
  • Customizes readers
  • Forensic Security Features - Unlike overt and covert security features, forensic features are hidden to the naked eye and can only be validated through reading machines at a microscopic level. Forensic features provide traceability and security for investigative purposes to verify that the material is authentic for a specific program.  This is the highest level of authentication and should be included in any credential offering.
  Feature Detection Options
  • Physically Unique Materials
  • 50X+ Optical Microscope
  • Color Code
  • Shape
  • Micro-Image
Benefits Typical Applications Thickness
  • 6 mil/145 micron
  • 8 mil/203 micron
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron
  • 14 mil/356 micron