PPG TESLIN® Security-Grade Substrate: Customizable Synthetic Security Paper for Added Fraud Protection

Whether you are designing an identification card or tamper-evident secure labels, the most effective way to build a highly secure document is to employ a holistic, layered design approach that combines multiple levels of security features.  If your credential or label requires high levels of resistance to fraud, you can trust that PPG TESLIN® Security-Grade substrate is an ideal security paper solution.  

Our Teslin Security-Grade substrate starts with the exceptional durability, tamper-resistance and tamper-evidence performance of standard Teslin substrate. It builds on these inherent security benefits by embedding covert and forensic security features into the material to provide easy authentication and deter counterfeiting.

Our tightly-controlled, secure production supply chain and distribution further safeguards the security benefits of Teslin Security-Grade substrate. 

Secure Documents that are Easy to Authenticate and Difficult to Replicate
Teslin Security-Grade substrate incorporates covert and/or forensic elements that are embedded throughout the material’s structure during our manufacturing process. Since the security elements are an inherent part of the substrate, they are easily discernable not only on the front and back, but also on the edges of the document.  The embedded elements provide an effective fraud deterrent as they are difficult to replicate through printing or coating processes.

Secure Production and Distribution of a Customized Offering
Teslin Security-Grade substrate is specifically formulated and made-to-order for each customer. During production, our supply chain is tightly controlled: all raw materials, fabricated products, waste, and trim are fully monitored and secured.

PPG exclusively sells Teslin Security-Grade substrate to legitimate authorities and their approved suppliers. We do not make the material available to the public or accessible through traditional distribution or commercial channels.  

PPG’s rigorous commercialization policy and process further enhance the synthetic security paper’s numerous advantages and eliminate the threat of counterfeiters accessing the material.

Covert Security Features
Covert (level 2) features embedded into Teslin Security-Grade substrate can be verified through quick visual inspection using portable devices such as ultraviolet (UV) flashlights, infrared (IR) pens, or more sophisticated audible or color-code readers. 

Infra-red (IR) “sparkle” features are available in several color options (green, green & red or invisible). They can be incorporated in tailored formulations to provide varying levels of visual and/or audible response that range from discreet to obvious. The unique “sparkle” optical effect is easily distinguished by trained security officers and cannot be replicated by printing or coating.

Other options include UV particles that display a green phosphorescence response under ultraviolet light. This can be incorporated in different densities from low to high to create varying levels of visual response.

  Feature Function Detection Options
Ultra-Violet (UV)

Visible fluorescence
or phosphorescence
  • Visible Fluorescence
  • Visible Phosphorescence
  • UV light source
Color: Green

Dispersion options:
• Low loading / Discreet
• High loading / Obvious

Infrared (IR)

Visible - IR sparkle
effect (plus Nonvisible
audible response)

  • Visible
  • Up-converting
  • IR light source
  • IR audible detector
Color: Green

Dispersion options:
• Low loading / Discreet
• High loading / Obvious

Color: Green and red

Dispersion options:
• Low loading / Discreet

Infrared (IR)

Non-visible IR-to-IR response - audible only

  • Audible detector
  • Basic (Y/N)
  • Advanced
  • Audible IR detector
  • Customizes readers
Dispersion options:
• Low loading / Discreet
• High loading / Obvious

Forensic Security Features
Unlike overt and covert security features, forensic (level 3) features require specific office or lab equipment, such as high microscopy, for verification. Teslin Security-Grade substrate forensic features are all unique and program specific. 

They provide sophisticated traceability and security for investigative purposes.  Forensic elements offer the highest level of authentication. They are strongly advised for any sensitive high-security credential or document.

Program-Specific Forensic Customization Offering
  Feature Detection Options
Physically unique material, including unique embedded color code options 150x optical microscope Choose a sequence of up to six color layers: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray and white, including UV/IR white caps

Whether you’re designing a secure ID credential program, or creating secure labels, certificates, diplomas, or other sensitive documents, contact us to learn how our team of experts can assist you with customizing Teslin Security-Grade substrate to meet your security paper needs.
Benefits Typical Applications Thickness
  • 6 mil/145 micron
  • 8 mil/203 micron
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron
  • 14 mil/356 micron