PPG TESLIN® Food-Grade Substrate: A Durable Synthetic Label Paper for Food Contact Applications

Our PPG TESLIN® Food-Grade substrate is specifically engineered for direct food contact packaging and labeling applications.
...Durable and Flexible
Teslin Food-Grade substrate provides the ultimate in durability, breathability and conformability. It is: 
  • Ice- and steam-resistant
  • Tear-, abrasion- and chemical-resistant
  • Pliable in extremely cold temperatures (can be cryogenically frozen) and able to survive heat of up to 180⁰C (356⁰F) even when exposed to rapid fluctuations in temperature that can cause other synthetic substrates to fail
  • Flexible enough to withstand expansion, contraction and bulging when filling or shipping
  • Conformable to simple and complex shapes such as liquid-filled bags
  • Water-resistant, yet breathable to enable the diffusion of gases
  • Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident
  • Microwaveable 
...Branding and Marketing
With excellent color and precise photo and text print reproduction, Teslin Food-Grade substrate offers a broad range of options for branding, packaging, protecting and attractively displaying food goods.
Easy to Print
Fixed information can be printed on Teslin Food-Grade substrate via offset or digital processes and variable information can be added later via xerographic/laser, inkjet, thermal transfer or other commercial print processes.

Labeling Solution for Food Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Tracing
Enabling supply-chain traceability, Teslin Food-Grade substrate can be used to print tamper-resistant labels with encrypted bar codes or quick-response (QR) codes, or to fulfill requirements for permanent labeling with nutritional data, warnings and other critical information.
Regulatory Information


When used as intended, Teslin Food-Grade substrate is fully compliant for single- and repeated-use applications under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all applicable U.S. food-additive regulations as a food contact material.  The substrate also is fully compliant with all type of food and under all conditions of use for it is technologically suitable and is not limited by food type, amount of material used or operating conditions.
Teslin Food-Grade substrate enables food manufacturers to combat food fraud and comply with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act by printing tamper-resistant labels with encrypted bar codes or quick-response (QR) codes that enable supply-chain traceability.

ISEGA certification permits our customers to use Teslin Food-Grade substrate for applications requiring direct food contact with dry foods that have no free fats at the surface at room temperature and below, as defined by European Commission Directives 2006/141/EC and 2006/125/EC.

Contact us to learn more about the high-performance benefits of Teslin Food-Grade substrate.
Benefits Typical Applications
  • Direct-contact food labels and packaging requiring durability and security
  • Logistical tracking/track and trace/traceability/supply chain tracking labels
  • Produce tags
  • Tamper-evident security labels
  • Instructional information
  • Booklet labels
  • 2-D encrypted bar-code and QR-code labels
  • High-visibility brand packaging labels
  • 6 mil/145 micron
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 8 mil/203 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron
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