Contactless IC Card Durability Testing

(April 2006) - Independent laboratory test results reveal that printed PPG TESLIN® Substrate contactless IC cards withstand flexing and IC mechanical stresses better than printed PVC cards.

Dynamic Bending

Product Length Flex Width Flex Response
PVC cards 2 cm 1 cm Fracture after 19000-26000 cycles
Teslin substrate-based cards 2 cm 1 cm No Fracture after 40000 cycles

3-Wheel Test (ISO/IEC 10373-3:2001—100 cycles, 30 cycles/minute)

Product Center Wheel Load Contactless Reader Response
After Load Cycling?
PVC cards 8N Yes
PVC cards 15N No
Teslin substrate-based cards 8N Yes
Teslin substrate-based cards 15N Yes
Teslin substrate-based cards 18N Yes

3-Roller Test

Product Top Roller Load Contactless Reader Response
After 10 Passes?
PVC cards 180N No
Teslin substrate-based cards 180N Yes