Specialty label stock coater celebrates long history

with PPG TESLIN® substrate

PPG TESLIN® Substrate is now the cornerstone of business for Premier Coating & Converters Ltd.

Premier Coating & Converters Ltd. (PCC) is a specialty label stock coater and converter based in southern England. Founded in the 1970’s as ICP Coatings, the company prides itself on knowing and focusing precisely where they can be successful - producing bespoke, high-performance self-adhesive label stock. They work closely with substrate and adhesive manufacturers to source the best performing materials. The vast majority of their business is producing rolls of self-adhesive material for their customers who require roll-to-roll or lay-flat products for their end user applications. The company has experienced double-digit growth by offering label stock construction using PPG TESLIN® substrate to its customers.


  • PCC produces bespoke high-performance self-adhesive label stock.
  • PCC began purchasing Teslin substrate almost 25 years ago.
  • PCC pairs Teslin substrate with a specially-formulated water-based adhesive and liner.
  • Their customers serve a range of market segments where durable labels are required.
  • PCC has experienced double digit growth with Teslin substrate.

The Challenge

When co-directors Steve Flood and John Ward purchased ICP in 2004 they changed the company name to Premier Coating & Converters (PCC), to better describe their mission of filling an important niche with specialized solutions. They work closely with printers across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia to combine film substrates, adhesives and liners which meet the challenges of demanding applications. 
One thing they did not have to change was the use of Teslin substrate. Almost 25 years ago, their predecessors discovered Teslin substrate while searching for a label material to meet the needs of a customer who produced chemical drum labels. They needed a substrate that would “give them an edge” in the marketplace by creating a self-adhesive product using Teslin substrate.


“Our label stock construction using PPG TESLIN substrate is now the cornerstone of our business.”
John Ward and Steve Flood, Premier Coating & Converters Co-directors

The Solution

ICP began working with Teslin substrate, pairing it with a specially-formulated water-based adhesive and liner to produce a “market leading” label stock with excellent layflat capabilities that is still “unrivalled today,” added Flood.  At that time, Teslin substrate was new to the European region - and they needed to build awareness of its unique qualities.


Teslin substrate with PPC adhesive and liner.

Today PCC’s seasoned team of operators have considerable experience working with Teslin substrate.  According to Flood, their customers and prospects recognize the value of the unique microporosity of Teslin substrate which, unlike other synthetic face stocks, locks in toners and ink, rendering printed information impervious to scrapes, scuffs and other damage.  Additional benefits include BS 5609 Sections 1, 2 and 3  certification, the “exceptional” water resistance of the PCC adhesive, print method compatibility, and static resistance for increased safety and productivity.

The Outcome

PCC offers their construction of Teslin substrate in  widths to meet customer requirements and stocks Teslin substrate so they are able to produce specialty rolls  within three to five working days — an enviable turnaround for the “bespoke” market.

Slit rolls of Teslin label stock from PCC.

According to one of their customers, a leading label converter in Europe, “Through Premier Coating & Converters Ltd, we have been able to develop key products utilising their many adhesive options, specifically the BS 5609 Marine Standard Hi-Tack Permanent. It is the combination of this adhesive aligned with Teslin face stock, that creates a superior label that is unmatched in the industry, winning and retaining vital business.”
Their customers serve a range of market segments where durable labels are required, including chemical drums, horticulture and warning labels.  “We are known for producing a high quality product for any damp environment where customers need a label to stick,” Flood adds with a smile, “We are proud of using Teslin material - we promote it openly in our marketing materials.  And even our competitors send us business!”
As environmentally-conscious European customers have looked for a substitute for vinyl, PCC’s business has grown with Teslin substrate.  Flood concludes, “Today it’s the cornerstone of our business.  We’ve seen double-digit growth with Teslin substrate.  Together with PPG we have created a formidable product, and we look forward to the future.”


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