Durable Synthetic Paper for Specialty Print and Laminated Materials  

From waterproof menus and tear-resistant maps to heavy-duty manuals for industrial job sites, PPG TESLIN® substrate synthetic paper is a durable and lamination-friendly solution that is engineered to meet many specialty printing applications.
Several major performance attributes make Teslin substrate exceptionally well-suited to meet the many challenges of specialty print projects: 

  • Doesn’t require special inks and long dry times, as other synthetic papers do
  • Compatible with a wide range of print processes, including digital and laser for on-demand and variable data printing
  • Resists water, chemicals, solvents and abrasion
  • Delivers unparalleled lamination strength
  • Offers unique texture and feel

Ruggedly Durable in Multiple Ways
Not only is Teslin substrate used as a waterproof paper because its polyolefin structure resists water, it also is highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and solvents. While other synthetic papers need to protect printed text and images with a coating or laminate because inks and toners sit on top of their surfaces, Teslin substrate’s microporous structure absorbs and locks in inks, toners, adhesives and laminates to make printed text and graphics virtually indestructible.
Couple this secure print with excellent foldability, pliability and cold-crack resistance for added levels of resilience, and the result is specialty print and laminated materials that can withstand many of the most severe usage environments.
Amazingly Printable and Easy to Finish
Teslin substrate accommodates almost every conventional or digital printing process, including offset, flexographic, thermal transfer, laser, inkjet or screen technologies. Commercial printers can print fixed information using one technology then add variable information such as names, registration numbers or bar codes using another. And, unlike other coated or multilayer synthetic papers, it doesn’t require special inks or drying equipment. Teslin substrate also stands up to all forms of finishing, including sewing, grommetting, perforating, embossing, foil stamping, punching and more, offering greater design flexibility and creativity than other coated or multi-layer synthetic papers.
Unlike many synthetic papers, conventional inks and toners absorb into Teslin substrate’s microporous structure and set within seconds. That saves time on specialty print jobs and delivers brilliant, high-resolution printing of colors, photography, logos and graphics without long dry-times or additional processing. 
Highly Bondable
The unique microporous matrix of Teslin synthetic paper substrate enables it to form powerful, virtually impregnable bonds with laminate film. That eliminates the need for edge-sealing and allows specialty print projects to be die-cut into any shape for one-of-a-kind designs. Those investing in lamination will not find another synthetic paper that provides the same durability and shelf-life as Teslin substrate.
Contact us to request samples and learn more about Teslin substrate synthetic paper for print and laminated materials.

Benefits Typical Applications Recommmended Product Grades
  • SP
  • HD
  • TS
  • Digital
  • IJ WP
  • 10 mil/254 micron
  • 12 mil/305 micron
  • 14 mil/356 micron
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