Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD) Testing

Independent laboratory test results reveal that printed PPG TESLIN® substrate affords faster static decay, increases productivity in die cutting and personalization and is static dissipative.

Static Decay

Substrate Static Decay Time at 12% RH (Seconds) Static Decay Time at 50% RH (Seconds)
Teslin 23.4 0.05
PVC Does not decay Does not decay
PET Does not decay Does not decay
PC Does not decay Does not decay

Per MIL-STD-3010 specification, acceptable static decay materials should exhibit static decay time of < 0.50 seconds when conditioned at 50% RH

Teslin Substrate vs. PVC and PC

Card Construction Static Decay Time at 50% RH (Seconds)
Teslin/PET 0.11
Teslin/PVC (with magstripe) 0.02
All PVC 6.2
All PC Does not decay

Surface Resistivity*

Substrate Average at 12% RH (Ohms/square) Average at 50% RH (Ohms/square)
Teslin 7.87 x 1012 5.32 x 1010
PVC 5.52 x 1013 4.93 x 1013
PET > 1 x 1015 7.97 x 1013
PC 4.8 x 1014 5.5 x 1014

Per EIA-541, between 1 x 105 & 1 x 1012 Ohms/square is static dissipative