TESLIN® Substrate:  Ruggedly Durable Synthetic Paper for Tough Environments

TESLIN® substrate combines the strength and dimensional stability of polyolefin with the absorbency of silica to form a unique microporous matrix. The result is a range of durability benefits not available from competing synthetic paper stocks, including:

  • Abrasion- and scuff-resistance – Printed text and graphics cannot be scratched or rubbed off the surface of Teslin substrate without destroying the material itself. This print permanence results in tamper-evident/tamper-resistant performance without the need for laminates or protective coatings.
  • Water-resistance – Polyolefin is hydrophobic, which causes Teslin substrate to repel water. This enables Teslin substrate to meet British Standard (BS) 5609 for immersion-labeling testing, which includes detailed durability criteria for print permanence, adhesive strength and abrasion-resistance for water-exposed labels.
  • Chemical-resistanceTeslin substrate withstands exposure to a variety of chemicals and solvents and can even be dry-cleaned. Most other synthetic papers require a coating to perform as well as Teslin substrate does without enhancement.
  • Thermal stabilityTeslin substrate remains pliable in temperatures from -70°C/-94°F to 180°C/356°F, even during prolonged exposure or rapid temperature change. Unlike Teslin substrate, other synthetics can become brittle or melt when exposed to elevated temperatures such as those generated by desktop laser printers.
  • Tear-resistance and conformability – The flexibility of Teslin substrate enables it to resist tearing and to conform to pointed, rough and uneven surfaces or fluid-filled bags.
  • Sterilization-compatibleTeslin substrate withstands various sanitization methods, including steam cleaning and gamma radiation.
  • Ink and toner protection – Inks and toners absorb into Teslin substrate’s microporous matrix, locking printed text and graphics into its surface and making them nearly indestructible.
  • Lamination- and finish-friendlyTeslin substrate bonds with laminate films when either the adhesive or the laminate itself flows into its pores, enhancing the durability of the material. Due to the unyielding strength of the resulting mechanical bond, edge-sealing isn’t required and Teslin substrate is able to withstand punishing finish processes such as perforating, punching, folding, sewing, grommeting, foil stamping and embossing without cracking.