synthetic paper for laminated cards

TESLIN Synthetic Paper for Laminated Cards and Key Tags

In many regions of the world, laminated cards and key tags are central to daily life.  Equipped with colorful graphics and bar codes, they can be used as insurance, membership, library and loyalty cards.  For more advanced financial, security and identity applications, they can be embedded with magnetic strips or integrated circuits to function as Smart cards.
No matter how sophisticated the end-use, TESLIN® substrate offers a superior synthetic paper solution that combines the following benefits:

  • Lamination strength to secure data and extend service life
  • Print and data protection through locked-in inks and toners
  • Protection of electronics through advanced cushioning
  • Platen or roll-lamination compatibility for processing flexibility
  • Print flexibility with multiple print technologies
  • Finish flexibility for shapes, sizes and forms

durable laminated cards for loyalty programsLamination strength
When heated to melting temperatures, laminate flows into the pores of Teslin substrate’s polyolefin-silica matrix.  This creates powerful mechanical bonds that are up to 10 times stronger than other synthetic materials, which secures data and extends service life by making the material resistant to delamination.
Print and data protection
Unlike other synthetic papers that allow print to be scratched off or abraded, inks and toners lock into the material, protecting critical print data as well as graphics and photography.
Protection of electronics
Although Teslin substrate offers the durability of plastic, it flexes, cushions and dissipates static to protect magnetic strips and embedded electronics such as radio-frequency identification devices (RFIDs), computer chips and integrated circuits.
Platen or roll lamination-compatibility
Teslin substrate can be roll-laminated for high-volume sheet printing, which can lower total program costs compared to other synthetic substrates that require cards to be printed individually via platen lamination.
Print flexibility
Teslin substrate is compatible with a range of print technologies, as well as offset, digital and laser printing, without special inks. Unlike other synthetic substrates that can melt in high temperatures, it readily accommodates laser-based print customization for variable print applications. As a result, Teslin substrate functions well for fixed or centralized printing operations as well as decentralized variable and on-demand printing.
laminated key tagsFinish flexibility
Teslin substrate is easy to die-cut into custom shapes, sizes and smaller form factors to accommodate branding-related design or specialized scanning equipment.
Contact us to request samples and learn more about Teslin synthetic paper substrate for laminated cards and key tags.

Benefits Typical Applications
  • Smart cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Healthcare/insurance cards
  • Library cards
  • Student identification cards
  • Financial cards
  • Membership cards
Recommended Product Grades
  • SP
  • TS
  • IJ WP
  • Digital
  • Blue
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron
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