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From ensuring that a brand’s label will command attention, to employing advanced labeling technologies for brand protection and product authentication, durable PPG TESLIN® label stock is the ideal solution for spirit and wine label stock paper applications.

Benefits for spirit and wine label stock paper applications:

  • Shelf appeal – Deliver a luxurious texture, trendy soft white color, and vibrant high-quality print combine to help bottles stand out from a crowd and express your unique brand story
  • Exceptional durability - Withstand exposure to water, ice baths and refrigeration, and abrasion from shipping and handling to preserve appearance for the life of the product
  • Print convenience – Offer compatibility with a wide range of print processes, including inkjet and laser for on-demand and variable data printing
  • Tamper-evident security – Permanently distorts if alteration is attempted to help protect brands against fraud, diversion and tampering, as well as enable track and trace solutions

Wine Label Stock Paper: Blending Visual Communication with Functional Performance
If you are a vintner or distiller, you know that the global market for wine and spirits continues to grow tremendously. Competition is fierce to capture the attention of consumers. The appearance of your wine is label is critical, and label functionality features are also becoming increasingly important.

Research finds that differentiating your brand with an outstanding label is just as necessary as producing a quality beverage in today’s retail environment. According to a recent report by Nielsen, package design has enormous influence over consumers at the critical decision-making moment. In fact, 64% of consumers try a new product simply because the package catches their eye. A survey from Gallo Wines found that that Millennials are four times more likely than Baby Boomers to often select a wine based on its label.

With wine counterfeiting and fraud becoming increasingly common problems for vintners and high-end spirit distillers, brands are looking to thwart counterfeiters while providing value-added benefits such as mobile-marketing and logistics management capabilities.

That’s why producers must consider every detail in their wine and spirits label design. As a wine or spirits maker, you invest time, talent and resources to create your brand’s distinct personality. The look, feel and functionality of your bottle label demands the same attention.

Label Stock for Differentiated Wine and Spirits Labeling
The inherent benefits of Teslin label stock provide the ideal features to ensure that your brand will stand out, while standing up to storage, handling and environmental conditions. Teslin substrate is a synthetic paper that delivers superior performance for high-quality durable label applications.

Wine and spirits labels made with Teslin substrate feature a soft, velvet-like texture that enhances the artistry and feel of your packaging, while providing an exclusive combination of aesthetic and durability benefits that conventional paper labels can’t match, including:

Teslin wine label stock paper is the perfect blend of durability and beauty

  • Luxurious texture and beautyTeslin label stock has a plush, tactile richness and soft-white color that makes it noticeably different from other label materials.
  • Rich print reproduction – Due to a microporous structure, Teslin substrate enables inks and toners to be readily absorbed, ensuring brilliant color reproduction while locking-in high-definition printed text, graphics and photos.
  • Design and supplier flexibility – Because Teslin label stock prints like paper, designers can enhance wine and spirits labels with colorful logos and artwork, without having to change their label printer. Teslin label stock also accommodates a comprehensive range of finishing techniques such as embossing, debossing and foil-stamping.
  • Print compatibility – Compatible with multiple print technologies for high volume or short production runs, your wine and spirits label stock can be printed using a range of digital processes for customization or personalization.
  • Scuff resistance and durabilityTeslin label stock resists scuffing and abrasion commonly caused during shipping and handling, allowing bottle labels to maintain a pristine, freshly printed look throughout their lifetime.
  • Water resistance – Labels made from our stock also maintain integrity after exposure to ice baths, wine cellars, refrigerators and other moisture-laden environments. Teslin substrate has been proven to hold up under rigorous industrial testing for water submersion.
  • Superior adhesionTeslin-based labels bond powerfully to bottles to prevent bubbling after immersion in ice and water.

Brand Protection and Supply Chain Security
Teslin label stock’s options for security features also facilitate protection of your brand and supply chain security processes:

Brand authentication application enabled by Teslin wine label stock paper
  • Tamper-evident protectionTeslin label stock is inherently tamper-evident, quickly and clearly revealing any attempts at tampering.
  • Brand authentication and supply chain security – Our labels can be printed or embedded with security markers, enabling vintners and distillers to track and trace products throughout the supply chain, and patrons to verify their authenticity.
  • Program-specific material - Learn more about Teslin security-grade substrate that can be used for program-specific label stock for track and trace applications and tamper-evident security labels.

See for yourself how Teslin wine label stock paper can entice shoppers to select your wine or spirits bottle, and help prevent your product from being discounted due to label damage. Contact us to learn more or request a sample for your wine or spirits label.

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Durable labels — When your labels have to last, choose PPG TESLIN label stock

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