TESLIN® Biodegradable* Substrate

TESLIN® Biodegradable* substrate makes it easier for manufacturers, brand owners and businesses to meet the growing demand for environmentally-responsible print and label applications, while maintaining the same rugged durability, printing ease, and built-in security provided by standard-grade Teslin substrate.  The product’s process and application performance also is retained, which is especially beneficially to current users because it allows them to transition seamlessly to Teslin Biodegradable* substrate from any other product grade to improve sustainability.
In independent third-party ASTM D5511 testing for biodegradation, Teslin Biodegradable* substrate decomposes into environmentally acceptable constituents such as carbon dioxide and water when placed in an oxygen-free (anaerobic) environment containing polymer-consuming microbes. 
Other Features and Benefits
Because of its microporous structure, Teslin Biodegradable* substrate provides the following performance advantages for print and label applications:
  • Tear-, abrasion- and chemical-resistance
  • Water-, ice- and steam-resistance
  • Thermal stability and temperature-resistance
  • Flexibility and conformability
  • Compatible with a wide range of offset, flexographic, digital and laser printing processes for application of permanent or variable data
  • Excellent color, text and photo reproduction
Built-In Security
  • Absorbs inks and toners so label information is “locked-in” and secured longer than it is on other synthetic papers
  • Offers tamper-evident performance by preventing mechanical separation and permanently distorting when altered
* Teslin Biodegradable substrate will break down into microbe-consumable particles in anaerobic conditions.  Studies have shown 7.8% degradation over 74 days with continued break down expected.
Benefits Typical Applications
  • Labels and packaging requiring durability and security
  • Logistical tracking/track and trace/traceability/supply chain tracking labels
  • Produce tags and direct-contact food labels
  • Instructional information
  • Booklets and manuals
  • High-visibility brand packaging labels

Available Thicknesses
  • 6 mil/145 micron
  • 7 mil/178 micron
  • 8 mil/203 micron
  • 10 mil/254 micron

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